Women's Golf Club

Women's Golf Club At Lady Lake Bob Johnson Legacy Driving Range - New or Beginner

Free Meet and Greet Women's Golf Clinic. Clinic size will be limited to 4 people. For those of you who are concerned with larger crowds, we will practice social distancing, wear masks, clean area with sanitized wipes, and have bottles of hand sanitizers. You will be using your own bucket of balls when placing them on the mats and using your own clubs.

What you will receive in the Free Meet and Greet Clinic:

  • A golf lesson.

  • Each player will be given a couple of tips for individual game improvement.

  • The opportunity to hit a bucket of balls and practice. The purchase of a bucket of balls is $5, and the money goes to charity through the Lions Club and American Legion.

  • Participants are asked to bring an 8 iron, wedge, and a putter.

  • There will be handouts with detailed information on what was taught should you wish to take one.

  • Participants will have the opportunity to exchange contact information to set up golf play times.

Please contact me if you are interested in coming to one of the Free Meet and Greet Women's Golf Clinic. 

Sandy Thomas 412-243-2515 call or text

Email:  sandythomasgolf@gmail.com